Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Linden Lab & OpenSpaces - No Shame, No Brain

Well, we all remember the stupidity spawned by Linden Lab's openspace bait-and-switch scheme, where they announced a 67% price increase because users were "abusing" sims, when in reality the server software running second life is not up to the task. In addition to these price increases, they decided to eliminate the educational discounts and grandfathered tiers. As well, they split up the price increase into two stages: increase it from $75 to $95 in January, and from $95 to $125 in June.

Now, they're trying to make amends by allowing grandfathered tiers for openspace sims at the current monthly fee of $95 USD, and giving an offer to reinstate sims abandoned after January at no setup fee. The catch? The grandfathered tiers will be eliminated in June 2010, and when a sim is reinstated none of the builds that were present will be restored. The new sim will just simply be empty.

Linden Lab was hoping users would love to hear this news. What happened? It blew up in their face as they took a well-deserved dose of verbal abuse from the customers they ripped off. Just read though the discussion page of the blog to see the angry reactions of the wronged users:

At this rate, Linden Lab & Second Life won't stand a chance against LiteSim, OpenSimulator, Sirikata, and the other emerging virtual worlds.

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