Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get Greater Building Precision, Ala Greenlife Emerald Viewer

For those of you who have tried Emerald Viewer, you've noticed that it allows you to edit objects and textures with greater precision. Namely, instead of being able to edit values out to three decimal places, you can edit out to four. But, not all trust Emerald Viewer, so how do you get this feature enabled on your favorite viewer? Easily.

To do it, first open up the folder second life is installed to*, and then navigate to the folder skins/default/xui/en-us/, and then open the file floater_tools.xml. From there, find all instances of decimal_digits="3", and then replace it with decimal_digits="4". After that, you can get further precision with other build tools by replacing all instances of decimal_digits="1" and decimal_digits="2" with a higher number. Aside from being useful for working on very detailed builds (such as jewelry), it also helps a lot when you're trying to correct prim drift.

*Second Life is usually installed to the following folders
Windows: C:\Program Files\SecondLife
Mac OS X: /Applications/Second Life.app/Conents/MacOS/chrome/
Linux: Usually /home/username/SecondLife or /home/username/Desktop/SecondLife

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