Thursday, November 19, 2009

metaLIFE's Single Object Vendor

Today, I told Pauly Richez of metaLIFE about a feature I wanted: single-prim vendors networked through metaLIFE. I prefer selling items through single prims on a wall, rather than through a multi-panel vendor. It lets multiple people browse my shop without waiting for someone to stop using a vendor. But, when you update your products, updating multiple single prim vendors is a hassle, especially when you have multiple shops. So, I suggested this to Pauly Richez.

metaLIFE already has it. It's a single prim vendor. First, you rez it and grant debit permissions. Then, you select "My Content" from the menu. Then, you click navigate, and use the menu there to find your item. Or, if you're selling a lot of items, you press "Search" and enter your product's name into the vendor. Then, you're done!

Using this system, one can quickly set up shops that are easy for shoppers to browse, instead of waiting for one user to finish up with a multi-panel vendor. I intend to use this feature extensively. It is MUCH nicer to look at than a multipanel vendor, more eye-catching to shoppers, and I get more sales too!

Way to go, metaLIFE team!

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