Monday, May 25, 2009

Linden Lab Customer Support - Helping Without Being Helpful

Well, yesterday I had attempted to pay someone through their tip jar, and after some confusion we thought the money hadn't been received (although it had). So, thinking that it hadn't gone through, I filed a support ticket to customer service, asking them to find out what happened to the money. Their response?

Hello Zauber:

Thanks for contacting us regarding to your issue.

To view a history of all debits and credits going back up to 45 days for your account you may review your transaction history:

* Go to
* Click the Transaction History link on the right-side of the My Account page
* Set an appropiate time range in the drop-down menues
* You can download the transactions history, or you can watch it online. Please keep in mind that only the last 30 days will be stored, so if you're interested in a longer overview, please download at least once a month.

Please note that as transaction histories are only retained for thirty days, we encourage residents to regularly review and download their history for future reference.

Was Jia Ontyne, the responder, actually trying to be helpful or just giving me a random generic canned response? That, and Jia immediately closed the support ticket after offering his/her own brand of "help." Anyone have other stories about the blunders of Linden Lag's customer support?