Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oblivion on Wine 1.1.32

Well, it's been a while since my last report, so I'm gettings things underway with my report on Wine 1.1.32. As usual, here's my test system's specifications:

Processor: 2.6ghz AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Brisbane
Memory: 4gb of DDR2-800 SDRAM
Video Card: BFG Tech GeForce 9800 GT, 1gb of video RAM, overclocked out of the box
Operating System: Arch Linux 2009.02, x86_64 architecture
Linux Kernel:
Video Driver:
Wine: Version 1.1.32, compiled with the standard i686 flags for Arch Linux: "-march=i686 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe"

So, what's different in this version?

Performance: A bit better from what I can see, but I don't know if this is from a newer nVidia display driver or improvements to wine itself. It could be both, as Wine has had a number of direct3D improvements in the past few versions.

Stability: Major improvements here! No crashes during startup or when loading a saved game. The crash when opening the local map still exists, however, but it isn't as common. It seems to originate from opening the local map too soon after an indoors-to-outdoors area transition. So, in this case, the crash is one that can be prevented. As well, the Magic of Midas mod is still unusable, due to the crash that occurs when casting a touch spell on the aurum reactor.

OBSE: I have not tested it yet, but I will be doing a follow-up report on 1.1.32 in the next day or so, where I will include testing data. I've seen a couple of reports on Wine's bug tracker that OBSE is starting to work at random, but I haven't seen any direct evidence myself, so I will be looking into it as well, and see if I can grab any useful debugging data so that the problem can be fixed. For more info on OBSE and WINE, go here for the bug report: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13915

As well, I'd advise anyone wanting this bug fixed to vote on it. You will need to register if you haven't already.

Construction Kit: In the follow-up report on Wine 1.1.32 and all reports following it, I will also be doing reports on the stability of the TES Construction Kit. As memory reminds me, it was very unstable under WINE, so hopefully the stability improvements made between versions 1.1.24 and 1.1.32 of WINE will also improve the construction kit.

nVidia Display Driver: The new 1.90 series of nVidia's display driver has made it onto Arch Linux's testing repositories