Thursday, November 19, 2009

metaLIFE's Single Object Vendor

Today, I told Pauly Richez of metaLIFE about a feature I wanted: single-prim vendors networked through metaLIFE. I prefer selling items through single prims on a wall, rather than through a multi-panel vendor. It lets multiple people browse my shop without waiting for someone to stop using a vendor. But, when you update your products, updating multiple single prim vendors is a hassle, especially when you have multiple shops. So, I suggested this to Pauly Richez.

metaLIFE already has it. It's a single prim vendor. First, you rez it and grant debit permissions. Then, you select "My Content" from the menu. Then, you click navigate, and use the menu there to find your item. Or, if you're selling a lot of items, you press "Search" and enter your product's name into the vendor. Then, you're done!

Using this system, one can quickly set up shops that are easy for shoppers to browse, instead of waiting for one user to finish up with a multi-panel vendor. I intend to use this feature extensively. It is MUCH nicer to look at than a multipanel vendor, more eye-catching to shoppers, and I get more sales too!

Way to go, metaLIFE team!

XStreetSL and Linden Lab's Epic Failure

I remember when I started a year ago in the SL Exchange, or SLX. It was a great concept for me: amazon+ebay for second life. I started using it, and I was making plenty of sales. Then, it's name changed to XStreetSL. Sorta interesting. I also started using the alternative marketplace, OnRez.

That was before 2009. Starting in January, XStreetSL and OnRez were both bought out by Linden Lab. XStreetSL became a Linden Lab product, and OnRez was shut down. Several merchants backed out when this happened, expecting Linden Lab to ruin it despite their promises for increased sales. How did that turn out for me? A huge drop in sales. Now, any time I get a sale in xstreet, I'm genuinly surprised.

In August, I was introduced to metaLIFE, an alternative to XStreetSL that had many features which reminded me of OnRez, such as in-world vendors. It also features an affiliate program, which is something I had been looking for after a long time. Since I've started, my metaLIFE sales have been at least twice what I earned in xstreet.

So, we come to today, with two announcements from Linden Lab. First, they're shutting down the mentors group. And second, they are adding listing fees to XStreetSL. Both decisions are too stupid to be real for me, and it took a while for it to sink in. L99 a month for freebies, L10 a month for non-free items, and a minimum L3 comission.

Just another scheme to line their pockets at the expense of consumers and consumer confidence. Smaller merchants are now leaving XStreetSL, as well as any merchants who cannot afford the listing fees for their products. I myself would be paying well over L$1000 for it, which just isn't viable for me. I've made a bit over L$4000 in xstreet since June 1st. So, 4k spread over 6 months just isn't viable. I make at least twice that in metaLIFE, but with the increased costs of operating in XStreetSL, it's just not worth it.

I've abandoned the xstreet platform. I'll be doing all my sales from now on in metaLIFE and through in-world vending. And if Linden Lab decides to make ecommerce sites like metaLIFE illegal (and they somehow evade antitrust prosecution from the US Justice Department), then I'll just switch to affiliate vending instead of online vending.

So, for now, goodbye, XStreetSL. I've tossed my xstreet magic box into the garbage disposal.

PS: A token of my esteem (or lack therof) for XStreetSL: